Paulette Dotson

Paulette Dotson has a heart for adventures, a fortitude for family, and a love for the Denver Broncos. She is a mom with great spirit and passion.


Paulette Dotson

What beckons the heart of an adventure or an explorer? Is it the calling fire for the great, the grand, and the new? Is it the whispers of curiosity into all things unknown? Maybe it’s the blood pumping thrill of non stop excitement? All her life Paulette Dotson has followed her passions, whether it took her to the rocky terrain of the Colorado River, the great trenches of the Grand Canyon, or the tranquil burble of Lake Mead. She plants one solid boot in the dirt and takes a breath of that rejuvenating untouched air under that grand expanse of a sky and she feels at home. She feels at peace. And when she wants to feel the rush, she’s on her ATV dirt bike whipping through the dunes and the terrains just to feel the impact of a perfect landing.


Paulette Dotson not only has a heart big enough for her family but her community too. She spent time as a leader for two Girl Scout troops managing and promoting the growth of little girls, of whom Paulette served as a role model and a mentor for. She organized the volunteering parents and kept the peace when there was conflict. She has also volunteered herself in events and activities at her children’s schools and continues to be a bright supporting member of any community she finds herself a part of.

The Denver Broncos Paulette Dotson Denver Broncos

When draft day comes around each year, Paulette Dotson is the first know what new names have joined the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have been a big part of life for Paulette Dotson and her family for a long time and she hopes to share that passion for the sport with her kids. When she can she’ll see the games played on their home turf and show her near unrelenting spirit and support. She hopes one day to attend a Super Bowl where the Denver Broncos win. Just to smell the freshly cut grass and to get lost in the roar of the crowd, to just feel the electricity as everyone screams “we won.” Some of her friends would even describe Paulette Dotson to have a heart and soul of a bucking Bronco.

When she isn’t juggling the busy life of raising a family and dealing with the bustles of the world, she is on the road blazing trails or lending a helping hand. Without knowing where her stride will bring her next, the world holds a checklist of things Paulette Dotson has yet to explore.